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12/10/2012 - ASK Makeover

Academy of Science for Kids Gets a Complete Makeover

Academy of Science for Kids, LLC (ASK) was originally founded on October 15, 2007.

On May 14, 2008 they debuted the first four modules of Little Professor Science Kits in Life Science 101; Seeds, Physics 101; Newton's Laws, Chemistry 101; Polymers, and Earth Science 101; Rocks and Minerals. Over the next few years we focused on improving these modules, and designing new modules.

In 2009 they launched six new kits. They included Life Science 102; Ecology, Life Science 103; Dissection, Physics 102; Electricity, Chemistry 102; Matter, and Earth Science 102; Astronomy.

In 2010, they became an approved science curriculum for homeschoolers of Alaska, California, Washington and Florida. Our science kits were also discovered by classroom teachers to be full course curriculum choices. In 2011, they added two new Little Professor Science Kits, Chemistry 103; Food Science and Physics; 103; Robotics. Homeschooling families and classroom teachers from virtually every state in the country were using their kits.

In 2012, they launched Life Science 105; Human Body and Earth Science 103; Weather, bringing the total count to 14.

Throughout 2011 and 2012, ASK grew dramatically, and in early 2012, it was determined that a new company, Lab Cats Supply, LLC, would be formed. The company will market ASK products, as well as other science manufactures' products. Additional Little Professor Science Kits are on the drawing board.

Team Lightning is proud to have produced not only their first website, but also the most recent makeover. Using Opencart and redesigning their teacher and student portals, the new site is amazing!

Team Lightning was established in 1992, providing a host of services: network design, implementation and support, product sales, web design, web application development and hosting. Team Lightning partners with small to medium size businesses to help them succeed through the efficient use of technology.

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