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08/24/2012 - Important Hurricane Notice

Important Hurricane Preparation Information
Friday, August 24, 2012
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As many of you are already aware a potential storm threat looms for the West Coast of Florida. As of today the track looks to be towards the West coast with a timing of late Monday afternoon or early Tuesday morning. So far it does not appear to be an overly strong storm as hurricanes go and this should be a wind and rain event.

Things you should be considering and or preparing for:

The big concern is if it hits on a Monday or the very early hours of Tuesday will you be open for business on Monday?

We recommend taking Thursday nights backup (if your using tape or portable drive media) off-site to a secure location when you leave the office Friday. If you have access to your office on Saturday, make a visit to the office to remove and secure Friday night's backup. Otherwise you can secure your backup on Monday if you're going to be open.

If you're not going to be inver the weekend when leaving the office Friday you may want to consider safely powering down the server and other computers. Warning: This strategy will leave in-house e-mail systems down until your back in the office which could be Tuesday or Wednesday depending on storm conditions. If you have access to the building on Saturday or are planning on working some of Monday then you could wait up to the latest point before you leave the building to turn down the server. The reasoning behind the shutdown strategy is any power outage lasting for an extended time 1-2 hours long or longer is going push your battery backup longer than its hold time and your server will turn down any way. So an orderly shutdown would be less likely to cause any problems to your server.

If needed review the location of your server for any potential flooding or known roof leaks and if possible raise the server or lift to higher ground or safe area.

If you are on our hosted mail bagging (MX Logic) and have e-mail continuity now is the time to make sure you know your login and password. If your e-mail server is down for an extended time you can access your e-mail, reply and send from the MX Logic web interface by logging in from any location you have Internet access to.

Think ahead, if you have any important business to attend to on Monday, Tuesday etcetera and it is related to any electronic data/files you may want to make a local copy of those files to your PC or laptop so that you can work on them if the server is down or your out of the office for a few days.

If your Internet gets knocked down for a couple days where will your temporary work location be, do you have Internet access there or do you have a Wi-Fi phone or hot spot device that you can use?

If you have any other questions please e-mail and we will answer them. Please stay safe during this event; hopefully it blows over without much impact.