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Team Lightning has been such a valuable asset for our organization. They always steer us in the right direction and are always keeping us on the cutting edge as technology advances. We're very fortunate to have a group like Team Lightning on our team.

Rich Clements • Mike Alstott Family Foundation
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12/09/2011 - Team Lightning & Coffee?

New Venture - Don Hilario Estate Coffee + Team Lightning? - CHECK OUT OUR NEW COFFEE STORE!

A few months ago the owner of Don Hilario Estate Coffee asked us to assist with the redesign of their website. Now we receive many requests for new work, resdesigns and what we might call a facelift to a variety of companies websites all year long. We have seen it all, non profits, commercial businesses, stores, retail, you name it, we have been involved in one capacity or another over the years. Each time we meet with a new client we discuss how we can best help them when it comes to the internet and their specific business. Having worked with such a wide range of customers over many years it has given us a unique prespective on each approach we can take when working with a new business.

Well, when Russ with Don Hilario came to visit we instantly saw an opportunity to not just do the work on the website, but to "partner" with him and help sell the coffee! Who doesn't love coffee? At Team Lightning we believe we are probably it's biggest fan, having indulged in coffee drinking all day long for 20 years! Plus, from a creative standpoint, the artwork and everything related to coffee was just to much for us to not want to get involved. Maybe it is the smell of coffee? Whatever it was, we wanted to do more than just resdesign the website!

So for the first time, we have partnered with a Team Lightning customer, Don Hilario Estate Coffee and we are in the coffee biz! And its not just any coffee, it is Arabica Bean, Estate Coffee, Pure, Unblended, High Grown, High Quality coffee! Don Hilario Estate Coffee selects the best cherries and keeps them pure and unblended. In addition, they are washed in spring water...sun dried outdoors on clay patios...and have all the defective, broken or otherwise imperfect beans removed. All of these time honored procedures result in one of the most highly rated coffee beans in the world, exceeding the prestigious European Preparation Standard.

Why is Don Hilario so special?

The answer actually is over 200 years old. Back in 1796, this very special variety of the Arabica bean, called Bourbon, first made its presence in the rich, volcanic mountains of the Santa Ana region of western El Salvador. Over 120 years ago, Don Hilario Menendez began harvesting this prized single-bean coffee, which became the exclusive botanical variety of coffee tree growing on the Don Hilario Estate.

Today the tradition of Don Hilario's labor of love continues through his grandson, Gerardo Menendez. At altitudes over 4,000 feet above sea level, the required altitude for Strictly High Grown coffee classification, the younger Menendez continues his grandfather's practice of hand-picking his estate coffee on the family plantation.