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Team Lightning has been such a valuable asset for our organization. They always steer us in the right direction and are always keeping us on the cutting edge as technology advances. We're very fortunate to have a group like Team Lightning on our team.

Rich Clements • Mike Alstott Family Foundation
Team Lightning News & Events
12/03/2012 - Tropical Shirts for Men!

Introducing Baliwear Clothing - Tropical Shirts for Men Online Store

Established in 1997 Baliwear, is a manufacturer and distributor of cotton and rayon Batik and hand painted apparel from Indonesia. The art of batik has been practiced for centuries in Indonesia and is an integral part of ethnic life and religious ceremony. This intimate knowledge of the batik process is what makes the Indonesian artists talented leaders in their field. Batik is a way of life and culture for the Indonesian people.
This garden Island is a wonderful place to work as the people enjoy creating and take pride in producing the best quality product, our Shirts and Sarongs are all hand made, each item has apart of the Island and culture woven into it. All of the fabric dying is done in a private manufacturing facility in Bali, which is centered in a small village. Management of the plant as well as all of the production processes are performed by men and women of the community. The men perform the dying, stamping wax on to the fabric, washing and drying. The fabric is left out in the rice fields; where good sunlight is essential to ensure strong color and color fastness. The women do the quality checking, folding, bolting and packaging of the cloth. We use community sewing rooms to produce our unique garments and quality control is managed by our experienced team, all product is produced to the same high standard we are known for.

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Team Lightning was established in 1992, providing a host of services: network design, implementation and support, product sales, web design, web application development and hosting. Team Lightning partners with small to medium size businesses to help them succeed through the efficient use of technology.

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