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Team Lightning has been such a valuable asset for our organization. They always steer us in the right direction and are always keeping us on the cutting edge as technology advances. We're very fortunate to have a group like Team Lightning on our team.

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Team Lightning News & Events
07/12/2010 - Welcome Immersion OOH

Team Lightning Welcomes Immersion Out-of-Home with Launch of a New Website!

Immersion Out-of-Home is a leading national media representation company for place based, digital out-of-home TV networks specializing in vertical market groups; such as, medical, college, cinema, DTC and retail. Our featured demographic groups are Alpha Mom, Hispanic Family and College Student. Programs may be further tailored to demos or geography. Currently, we represent 8 OOH networks with over 100,000 screens!

Although Immersion OOH was officially formed in 2007, we have been immersed in the out-of-home space since 2001.
Years of research, beta tests, and exit polling combined with advertiser guidance have all assisted developing a "theory" into a business model.

At Immersion OOH, we pride ourselves in being good listeners. Our ears are always open, ready to perform on what our advertising family needs. That practice has allowed Immersion OOH to become one of the largest digital place-based network representative agencies in the industry.

Becoming a leader in the DOOH space has always been a goal of Immersion OOH but not at the expense of quality. Yes, we're picky with who we represent, but the stringent requirements we hold our network families to provide target marketing where your shoppers are, ensuring the brand message is stabilized, reinforced and executed at point of decision.

Team Lightning was established in 1992, providing a host of services: network design, implementation and support, product sales, web design, web application development and hosting. Team Lightning partners with small to medium size businesses to help them succeed through the efficient use of technology.

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