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Team Lightning has been a pleasure to work with and truly understands the meaning of customer service and support when you need it the most.

Tony Arcaro • Triton HR, LLC.
Onsite IT Services
On-Site Support Agreement
  • Customized On-Site Support Agreement to meet your companies size, needs and budget
  • Highly trained and knowledgeable computer service technicians
  • Routine scheduled visits to your offices for the purpose of pro-active network maintenance
  • Emergency dispatch response
  • Telephone and Remote fix support
  • Additional support hours with discounted rates
  • A complete inventory of current equipment and network diagrams
  • Ongoing maintenance of an on-site resource manual documenting the network and all work performed
  • Disaster planning
  • Quarterly reporting and planning meetings
  • Consulting services with direct access to manufacturers and software developers to assist with buying decisions
  • 20 years of industry knowledge fully trained to represent Team Lightning's strategic partners and products
  • Discounted weekend rates
  • Team Lightning support portal account
For those companies with unique requirements, Team Lightning will work with you to customize a service plan specific to your needs. These requirements could include Consulting, Systems Development, WAN/LAN, Internet Services, Server Hosting, Client Application Development and more.

Block of Hours Agreement

The Block of Hours Agreement program was developed for clients that don't have the level of need for service on a regular scheduled basis but want the support of a company like Team Lightning. Our Block of Hour customers receive the same level of service as our On-Site Agreement customers that include:
  • A negotiated rate per hour purchased in 10 or 20 Block of Hours
  • Block of Hours can be used for desktop or server/LAN related work
  • Client receives priority support - 24 to 48 business hours emergency response
  • Block of Hours eliminates the Alacarte trip charge
  • Detailed work orders on all work performed
  • Reports time usage and balance available upon request
  • Optional Add-on Phone Support to quickly solve small problems at a lower cost
  • Team Lightning support portal account
1) Without add on of Phone Support time spent will be invoiced against the Block of Hours at 30-Minute Minimum Intervals.
2) Non-Business Hours or Weekend Work is Provided at Time and a Half Rate.

Alacarte work

We also offer those customers who just want to call us and schedule a visit when needed. The rates for alacarte work range depending on the type of service required and would be determined upon the scheduled visit. All Alacarte work does include a one way trip charge if we need to go to the customers location. No trip charges occur for remote fixes.